Tag: Xcelsius Tricks

Xcelsius XLF dissected!

Learn how to Extract the Xcelsius XLF file contents and tweak it to suit your requirements without even launching Xcelsius.

Simulating Tool Tip functionality in Xcelsius

Often Dashboard design requirements demand functionality that does not come as a Out of box solution in Xcelsius. One such example is a tool tip. However, developers find their alternatives with the existing components and their properties. In this example I will show how we can use simple components in Xcelsius to simulate Tool Tip […]

Simulating Conditional Formatting in Xcelsius

In this Post Srinivas Dandamudi of BIR Solutions shows us how to simulate Excel conditional formatting in Xcelsius 2008. The primary component of focus here is the spreadsheet component. Note: Post edited by Kalyan Verma If you are trying to use the Spreadsheet component in Xcelsius and expecting it to function like a regular Excel […]