Christmas Lights with Xcelsius

This post shows how to create Christmas lights in Xcelsius by using just a couple components. The two components used in this example are the Push Button and Play Control component. Just five formulas were written in the spreadsheet to alternate the colors and create “blinking lights”. These formulas are all based on the Data […]

Passing Data From a Parent to Child SWF (Flash Variables)

In today’s post Greg shows us how to pass data from a Parent to Child SWF leveraging the use of Flash Variables and the out of the box SWF Loader component.

How to create a digital clock in Xcelsius?

Greg shows us all a cool trick on how to create a Digital Clock using Xcelsius.

Xcelsius 101: Changing the look of a chart

Hi Everyone, Here’s some Xcelsius 101 on changing the look of a chart so that things don’t look so plain. Great for people who just need a reference 🙂 I’ve written some step by step instructions on changing a chart from it’s default look to something more attractive. 1. Add your chart and bind the […]

Simulating Traffic Lights using Xcelsius. Literally!

Traffic Lights using Xcelsius 2008.