First look at Qlikview

In this post David Lai, does a brief review on Qlikview, a Visual analysis tool. Qlikview is a great dashboarding and analysis solution that allows analysts to easily and quickly display data in a meaningful way. I would like to give a technical introduction into some of the benefits I have come across while working […]

Webinar Archives: Xtreme Makeover: Xcelsius Edition

In this Webinar Ryan Goodman of Centigon Solutions describes How to Build more effective dashboards through good design. Ryan is an Xcelsius Guru and the founder of Centigon Solutions Inc. He also writes on his own blog on Visual Data Analysis. Note: This is a direct Excerpt from the Business Objects Website. Learn dashboard design […]

Interactive Map Dashboards: Where do I Vote?

As the Day Progresses, the heartbeat of millions of Americans is going up. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed about who is going to be the Next American President. Millions already voted and some are waiting in lines as I write this post. According to CNN 5% of American’s are still Undecided until November 3rd. […]

Live Dashboards: Real Time Election Results and Poll Closing times

Today is the day. McCain and Obama are fighting for votes across the country. Prediction is that Voters are going to storm the Polling booths. I hope everything goes well and a deserving candidate emerges as a winner. Since many of you like me want to be up to the minute with the election results, […]

Refresh, Open, and Pass variables to Web Intelligence from Xcelsius

In this post – Jim Brogden, a BI Consultant from Daugherty Business Solutions explains how to Refresh, Open and Pass variables to Web Intelligence from Xcelsius in a BusinessObjects 3.x environment. The “OpenDocument” syntax has changed in XI 3.0 and 3.1 for linking to BOE report objects.  The architecture in XI R2 had previously required […]