Interactive Map Dashboards: Where do I Vote?

As the Day Progresses, the heartbeat of millions of Americans is going up. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed about who is going to be the Next American President. Millions already voted and some are waiting in lines as I write this post. According to CNN 5% of American’s are still Undecided until November 3rd. If you are among those who is unable to find a place to vote or you are thinking “OK, I’ve decided now and I want to Vote, But where do I go?” Don’t worry, MSN and Google have interactive maps to find your voting location and more.

MSN Your Vote 2008: Map Room – Polling Place Info:

Click on a State and select your County.

Google Maps 2008 US Voter Info:

Find your voting location and more. Enter the home address where you are registered to vote.

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