Cool Stuff: Film Reel Countdown and Radar Simulation using Xcelsius

Inspired by Joshua Tapley’s UFO tracker, I’ve tried my hand at creating this cool animation using Xcelsius. I will be posting the source code soon, however, I would like to hear from you all on your own “approach and take” on creating such an animation using out of box Xcelsius components.

  • Alex

    Good work Mr.

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  • Very cool Kalyan

  • This looks really cool!
    I’m curious about the source code. It’s great to see how people aim to get the most out of their “magic” Xcelsius box. The bar only get’s higher..

  • Alon Chokler

    Cool !! liked it very much

  • Alex

    Good work Kalyan

  • chrisham

    Great work Kalyan………. Will be fun to start a presentation in this manner……….. couldn’t wait for the source code

  • @Chrisham, yes it would a definite WOW factor if you can start the demos in this manner.

    @ALL, I know everyone is keen to get their hands on the code, but as Xcelsius developers, what would techniques would you use to recreate such an animation?

    • Larry Burgess

      This one has me frustrated. I figured out the film reel countdown and the radar (I think) except for the blue and black rotating “pie”. I can get the “slice” to function correctly but can’t figure out the colorization.

      • Getting the slice to spin past 0 was the hardest part for me. I’m pretty sure that I had Kalyan stumped on this one at first as well.

        • Absolutely, thanks to josh. Would you like to give a clue to Larry? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Larry Burgess

            Maybe I’m using the wrong component. I’m using a dial with 2 indicators. It’s spinning correctly, but there’s something I’m missing.

  • Keith Ng

    That’s cool and impressive. Really looking forward how to do that !!

  • Santhosh

    Great work Kalyan.. its awesome.

  • If you like the radar simulation, vote for the original at Reportapalooza!

  • amrut

    can anyone provide source for this film countdown? This will be magic in the xcelsius.I want to use this countdown in my dashboard. Please provide source file