Create Basic Calculator using Xcelsius 2008

A basic windows calculator is quite often used for simple calculations. The other day I was trying to calculate my earnings for the year 2008 and my sub-conscious mind  automatically let me open windows calculator to do some basic math. That’s when I thought to recreate it using Xcelsius 2008. It took me 5 minutes to come up with a logic in Excel and then get the components together on Xcelsius Canvas. This is what I came up with:

Its Interactive:

download (Download the source files before reading further)

Components used:

Two “Input Text” components for the Input numbers and them binded them to write data to cells B4 and D4

One “Value” component to display the result and binded it to pick data from cell F4

A label component to show the function (/,X,-, +)

Another label component to show the equal sign (=)

Four Toggle buttons binded to cells H4:L5 to insert the selected function into cell C4

Background and Rectangle components to deck it up

Formulas Used:

I used the HLOOKUP to pick up values based on the function selected.

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