Webinar Archives: Adding Value to Xcelsius Applications in Xcelsius 2008

In this Webinar Katryn Cheng, a Sales Consultant from Business Objects, an SAP company describes and demonstrates how Xcelsius 2008 can be used to add value to the existing business applications. She also explains how You can add more value to your applications by adding interaction between your dashboards and your application by using Xcelsius […]

Refresh, Open, and Pass variables to Web Intelligence from Xcelsius

In this post – Jim Brogden, a BI Consultant from Daugherty Business Solutions explains how to Refresh, Open and Pass variables to Web Intelligence from Xcelsius in a BusinessObjects 3.x environment. The “OpenDocument” syntax has changed in XI 3.0 and 3.1 for linking to BOE report objects.  The architecture in XI R2 had previously required […]

How to show trends in Xcelsius Dashboards?

A simple way to show trends for specific Metrics or KPIs is to display an arrow or a color combination. Xcelsius Trend component does both in one go. Below is an interactive xcelsius swf model which displays the trends of a metric for four regions. The dashboard is interactive, enter the target value and change […]

Video: Ticker component in Crystal Xcelsius

The Ticker component provides a way to display horizontally scrolling text in your models. Tickers may be familiar as they are frequently used in television news programs. Unlike television, however, Xcelsius models are interactive, and as such, the Ticker component can also be used as a Selector. For example, a Ticker being used to display […]