Blog Update

Multi-Colored Column Charts

When looking at dashboards produced by other data visualization tools, we often see multi-colored column charts. While this technique can be reproduced in SAP Dashboards, it doesn’t always make sense to do. Below are a couple examples of the effect, and you can see how the second instance is far more appropriate.

MyXcelsius Facebook Giveaway

Winner: Congratulations to Mark Bradley (@Syscokid87) from HP for winning the MyXcelsius Facebook Giveaway Contest. 240 fans on Facebook in just 11 days is phenomenal turnout. This promotion is now closed. Thank you for all your support.

New look for the Blog

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may have noticed the new look. Thanks to Ravi Varma. Not only for developing such a wonderful free WP theme, but also in helping me to customize it according to my requirements. We are still in the process of enhancing the overall look. […]