The dashboard of YOUR future is here!

Where will you be in 5 years? Answering that question won’t be a problem once you’ve worked with my new interactive Career Map dashboard.

As a manager, mentor and career driven young professional, I have created a simple tool to facilitate the discussion of where you are vs. where would you like to be.

My goal was to provide a consistent platform to converse about career planning with people inside and outside of my organization. With a simple but slick Xcelsius tool to facilitate the discussion and provide a usable career map and visualization, I’m hoping to gain traction in the local young professionals community.

Give it a try:

Once I have some good examples, I plan to build those into the dashboard as sample scenarios. Next steps will also include using either Flash variables and/or an import string to be able to share your dashboard with others.

Please give the dashboard a try and let me know how it could be better!

Josh Tapley