The dashboard of YOUR future is here!

Where will you be in 5 years? Answering that question won’t be a problem once you’ve worked with my new interactive Career Map dashboard.

As a manager, mentor and career driven young professional, I have created a simple tool to facilitate the discussion of where you are vs. where would you like to be.

My goal was to provide a consistent platform to converse about career planning with people inside and outside of my organization. With a simple but slick Xcelsius tool to facilitate the discussion and provide a usable career map and visualization, I’m hoping to gain traction in the local young professionals community.

Give it a try:

Once I have some good examples, I plan to build those into the dashboard as sample scenarios. Next steps will also include using either Flash variables and/or an import string to be able to share your dashboard with others.

Please give the dashboard a try and let me know how it could be better!

Josh Tapley

  • Rajen

    Hi Josh

    Great visual. I forgot how much of an impact primary colours give if used carefully.

    Only one thing that could be a usability issue – when I was playing around with edit feature, there was no indication that the data was being auto saved. I was worried that my edits will disappear.

    Otherwise a great too that will aid people to map their career.

  • Man, a lot of people who use Xcelsius seem to be very creative and visual. I loved just playing around with this career path dashboard, and I guess the bigger point is that it did get me to think about some of the skills I should be working on in the future. I listed “ruggedly handsome” as a strength — not sure if that counts. I agree with Rajen above about color. Having been involved with website launches, a lot goes into figuring out colors that attract a particular audience (for example, what guys like for colors vs. women). There’s a very interesting undertow to dasbhoard design.

  • @Josh
    To address @Rajen’s issue, may be a Submit button at the end of the Edit popup will give it a true form look.

  • Joshua Tapley

    Great feedback, thanks! I was thinking that I liked the partial transparency and that you could see things moving behind the scenes. If I were to add a submit button, would you also think that it should close the window, or allow the user to see the chart/text changes in the background and still use the ‘X’ to close?

    I’ve been really working on trying to pass all of the fields as flash variables so that you could share the thing with others. Even if you would have to the link to make it more reasonable.

    – Josh

  • Chandra shekar

    Hi Kalyan Varma,

    Your posts and videos are helping me a lot to learn new things in Xcelsius.
    Could you plz let me knw where can i get overall videos of you with single link or in forum like that……………. Dnt think like am lazy… Hope u understand my intention………..

    Thanks in Advance

  • rajasekhar

    hi iam new to this is xcelcious please try to help me out

  • Hmm i can see your skill-set chart showing hike in the visualization bar. Is it Joshua? Anyway i can see a dashboard that is doing predictions. feels nice.

  • Hans Wilthof

    Hi Josh, just gave your Careerpath.swf a try. Even as an career driven old professional it works simple and crisp. I have send the link to my team members for a career self-assessment. They were very enthousiastic.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Awartany

    That is very cool! Really good work…